Finding Harmony through Determination and Confidence while developing Integrity on the path of the Ascendancy towards a Virtuous Future.

Founded on April 20th, 2017 by Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Personal Training Coach Brandon McCallum — HDC was a vision that that Brandon had to build a brand of health and performance unlike any of the many other brands in the Central Okanagan. 

After already working as a Personal Trainer for 3 years by this point, Brandon wanted to integrate his passion for health and performance by connecting with people on a psychological level. Fitness is so much more than what you do with just your body. HDC’s coaches are able to connect what drives you forward and apply that motivation to your training program to ensure training success. 

Developing the 4-Pillar Model seen in the iconic High Definition Conditioning logo and linking that with our deeper understanding of the psychology of sport and exercise; the combination has proven to establish HDC Performance as a brand that’s here to stay. The unique logo and branding can be seen all across the central Okanagan with countless athletes and professionals sporting the apparel and working on HDC training programs. 

In 2018, Kinesiology was introduced to HDC to further enhance our holistic approach at exercise. As athletes and individuals often have injuries they’re dealing with or movement deficiencies, HDC was then able to help their clientele return to sport and everyday life faster through careful assessment and treatment. 

In 2021, the HDC brand is moving full circle and succeeding the vision of developing The HDC Method which brings the years of training and expertise together, innovating the fitness industry. The HDC Method is for those who’ve ascended and reached peaks with their current fitness & health and want to challenge the next step of advanced training methods, ultramodern mobility techniques and mastering your lifestyle through nutrition, sleep and mindfulness. 


A consistent, orderly or pleasing arrangement of parts.


The act of coming to a decision or settling a purpose.


Belief in oneself and one’s power and abilities.


Adherence to moral and ethical principles; honesty.


Rising to a higher point, rank, or degree; proceed from an inferior to a superior degree or level.


Conforming To Moral and Ethical principles; morally excellent.