Training for sport can be more difficult during lockdowns and closures as many athletes have limited training options. At the gym, hours might be decreased and wait times begin to add up which is not ideal if you are trying to become a pro athlete or for anyone taking their game to the next level. Even if you manage to get into the gym, limited space or equipment can derail your workout. 

The best way to stay on track where you can stick to your own training schedule is to get your hands on the basic equipment to get your workouts done at home. Additionally, find an outdoor area or indoor track for your SAQ training. Routine is important to make the most out of your training and unfortunately right now, the limitations at the gym or in your athletic training space disrupts what we’re used to. We don’t need much by means of equipment to get started, take a look at a starter guide to your home gym setup;

  • Exercise mat [$20-$50] or comfortable floor space where you can safely and effectively perform your workout.
  • Dumbbells or Kettlebells [$50-$120 weight dependent] although one set is fine to work with, it helps to have two different sets. For weight, a lower set of 8-15lbs will do, your heavier set can go as high as 40 or 50lbs. Consider that Kettlebells are even more versatile to have for weights. 
  • Fitness Loops [$20/pack of 5] which are the small bands you can put around your legs or arms, great for resistance training. 
  • Dowel Rod [$12] or a broomstick works just as well to use for compound mobility drills.
  • Resistance Band [$10] moderate or heavy weighted to challenge your strength and use through multiple exercise progressions. 

The total cost for a basic equipment set-up like that will run you $200 or less, and with a properly structured exercise program will be on the way to reaching your potential. A full program requires no more equipment than this, now you just need to find the space to do it. Remember that your training success is not about the equipment, it is dependent on your commitment to being consistent with your program and lifestyle.

Now, if you have the opportunity to continue developing out of your hometown pumphouse, don’t drop what you’re doing to set-up at home. Make the most of it, that is a gift that we can not take for granted. This is an option to pivot your training if you’re stuck in your progress and want to effectively get back to the results you know best. 

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