Okanagan Premier League

It’s our second year of existence and the league is growing, follow the OPL for the tales of your team in the heart of the Okanagan. The Premier 8 v 8 soccer leagues are building momentum in the Kelowna area.

With the short competitive season in the Okanagan through the summer, having this indoor league which allows players to improve and play all year is only a benefit to the overall soccer levels in the Okanagan. Players who play here and all over the country need higher level leagues like this. It’s truly an Okanagan League, which is what our goal was from the outset.

Players are willing to come to town to play against the best players and teams in the area. Playing on gym floors in the winter doesn’t translate well into the outdoor season. We’re fortunate enough to have these indoor facilities to take advantage of here in Kelowna.

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