More than half of all gym members never actually go to the gym, yet year after year they continue to pay the reoccurring fees for a service they don’t use. This is why big box gyms will always remain profitable. People feel like they should invest in a gym membership, tell themselves that they will use it and it will help them get fit. The contrary is the case whereas every year in January, people get on board with their fitness again, they hit it hard by getting to the gym 3-5x per week throughout the month (if they’re lucky) but the accountability starts to wane into February. By the time March hits, you will see that training frequency drop to 1x per week or less.

The industry-wide average for an annual gym membership will cost you somewhere around $696/year or $58/month. The average gym-goer will hit the weights 4.17x/month which works out to 50 visits per year and $14.50 per workout. The worst part being, results will be few and far between. The above stats are generous, the statistic brain research institute did a study in 2019 that showed 63% of gym memberships go completely unused, 82% of members go to the gym less than 1x/week and 22% stop going to the gym entirely within 6 months but still pay for their membership.

Now, you must be asking how this all makes any sense. Have you ever seen a gym stop selling memberships? The answer is no, such a low percentage of members actually use their membership how it is intended to and it is those who are and have been committed to their training and made it part of their lifestyle. The new members almost always drop out. Why do you go to the gym? Likely to get in better aesthetic shape, increase your physical and mental health, TO REACH YOUR GOALS. Don’t pay for a gym membership, that’s only the bare minimum of what you need to do to make these necessary changes. Pay for results, pay for accountability, pay for a high level coach.

Working in both a big box gym and now a private training facility at Next Level Performance, we do not sell gym memberships. We do not have gym usage fees, people are paying for what is going to keep them accountable and on-track to achieve the best results they ever have. We sell professional coaching, classes and rehabilitation, we get you straight to the point by telling you how long it’s going to take you to get to your goal. We set out a scientifically backed plan to keep you going. There is a reason why HDC Performance experienced a 67% client retention rate throughout 2020 and 82% client retention from those returning from 2019. Because we sell results and performance, not gym memberships.

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