Small Group / Sport Specific Training

Strength – stamina – stability – speed

Do you have a group of 3 to 5 friends or team members that want to train together? Small Group sessions produce better results than one-on-one training with an athlete because of the competition, camaraderie, accountability, and motivation. The ideal model to create the best possible results with athletes working toward a similar goal is Small Group Training. Offering a better experience and producing improved results for athletes and sports teams at a reduced cost from Personal Training, try it out!

With our expertise as Strength & Conditioning Specialists we have the capabilities of working with athletes in a wide variety of high level sports. Whether you’re an equestrian getting ready for your next competition at Spruce Meadows or a Field Lacrosse player going back to university athletics, we have you covered. We do the research and delve into the athletic needs of each specific sport to ensure you’re getting the most beneficial training for you.

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