Remote coaching sees you — the client, working one to one with your coach through the online platform & app, True Coach.

That means that you will receive your daily training workouts, mobility exercises and nutritional guidance as you communicate with your coach through either the messaging system of the app or other communications. Redefine yourself with our accountability methods through goal-tracking with the option of a video chat once per month to help you continue your progress consistently. 

This type of service is great as an economical solution for those who cannot commit to one on one or group training. Don’t look any further, online coaching is not just for beginners looking for a starting point; these services also serve individuals with advanced goals such as health and lifestyle goals, athletic sport conditioning or injury reduction. 

Stay accountable to your training online with our professional coaches for a fraction of a cost of personal training.
The service includes:

· Resistance Training Program
· Mobility & Flexibility Training
· Nutritional Guidance
· Goal Tracking/Progress Checks
· Cardio

One Time Setup Fee + First Month = $250
Monthly Subscription = $175


Private Personal Training is for you if you need to get past a training plateau, refine a specific skill, or have a long term goal you want to reach or are newer to Personal Training.

Hire your own trainer to dig deeper into your fitness and health to truly show how far you can go with your training. We take an in-depth look on your overall health and activity with nutrition consulting, your strength training, flexibility and cardio.

Rates vary by size of training package payment plans available:

12 sessions, $90/session
24 sessions, $85/session
36 sessions, $80/session


Partner training is conducive for you and your significant other to help the both of you on the path of progress, together. 

With a specified program for each of you; bring your best friend, son or daughter or other half. We help you put your goals into motion, building your best self. 

You can keep your workout partner accountable for their training while their presence pushes you toward your goals. Some may think that you need to have similar goals and fitness expectations to train together. We individualize the training based on client needs so everyone gets to their goal as fast as possible. 

Rates vary by size of training package payment plans available:

12 sessions, $65/session
24 sessions, $60/session


The most dynamic way to get your training done is with a group of your closest friends, teammates, or family.

At HDC, our group training sessions are designed with specificity in mind, each client receives a training program tailored to their needs while you stay motivated and build the comradery of training with your group. This type of training is most successful with a group of close friends or colleagues with similar goals and interests or athletes that play the same sport, no matter what age. 

Small Group sessions produce better results than one-on-one training with an athlete because of the competition, camaraderie, accountability, and motivation. The ideal model to create the best possible results with athletes working toward a similar goal is Small Group Training. Offering a better experience and producing improved results for athletes and sports teams at a reduced cost from Personal Training, try it out!

3 Athletes/Clients = $55/session
4+ Athletes/Clients = $45/session
*Minimum commitment 12 sessions