I get it. You’re busy.

Everyone’s busy. Everyone’s got a deadline to meet or a project to finish. Searching through the stack of papers high as Mt. Everest in your work space does not help. Nor does the laptop, work phone, coffee, lunch containers and other clutter in your working space. Whether we work from home or office, the physical environment we work in has a significant
effect on the way we work. For example, we lose precious minutes searching for a lost paper on a cluttered desk. The same can be said if working digitally. The benefits surrounding a clean and tidy workspace are endless so we will take a look at a few benefits and solutions to keeping an
organized workspace;

Increased Productivity
An organized workspace = peace of mind. This so-called peace of mind is referring to the ability of knowing exactly where each document, pen, or finished project lays within your work space; whether this is in your desk labelled with colour coordinated folders or drop boxes. A study completed in 2017 by Horrevorts et al. stated that “A higher measured cleanliness also
correlates significantly with a higher work satisfaction…” In a matter of minutes, you can increase your work productivity and have a significantly higher work satisfaction! Organize. Your. Work space!

Healthy Employees
A healthy work force is a happy work force. Being sick is stressful enough. Add in a few sick days of missing work and there’s a disaster waiting to happen. Even coming back after one day is stressful enough, let alone multiple. Firstly, there is a difference between cleaning and tidying/organizing your area. Cleaning is killing bacteria and viruses from surfaces such as a desk, laptop, drawer handles, cell phone, coffee mug, or photocopier. Organizing and tidying are arranging your belongings into a structured order. Keep it clean, keep it tidy, keep being healthy.

Increased Work Place Culture
We’ve all seen our co-workers hoarding papers, sticky notes, and pens they’ll never use. It is frustrating, stressful, and hectic. You think to yourself, “How can you work like that? Just tidy it up. You possibly can’t work like that”. From personal experience, a group of unorganized work spaces leads to a stressful environment. Your co-workers can’t get you that
approval you need to finish your job or you have to send them ANOTHER email with the information, and this becomes frustrating. Leading into the one and all mighty benefit, overall happiness. Combine those 3 simple benefits, and we have an increase in overall happiness in a work environment. It is a result of increased productivity, healthy employees, and an increase in work place culture. There are hundreds of research papers surrounding this topic. And it only takes a matter of minutes. It only takes 15 minutes every Friday to wipe down all surfaces, organize your desk, and prepare for the following week, it’s easy as that, and watch your work environment suddenly change for the better!


Horrevorts, M.Van Ophem, J. and Terpstra, P. (2018), “Impact of cleanliness on the productivity of employees”, Facilities, Vol. 36 No. 9/10, pp. 442-459. https://doi.org/10.1108/F-02-2017-0018

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